PML-N govt was no different from East India Company: Fawad


ISLAMABAD : Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Tuesday criticised the previous government and said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was no different from the East India Company.

“After coming into power, the PML-N did what the East India Company had done,” Chaudhry said while addressing the National Assembly.

Stating that the previous government has indebted future generations, the information minister said, “They [PML-N] took loans worth billions to build toys to play with.”

“Shehbaz alone spent Rs11 billion,” he alleged. “Today, some people have become billionaires and they own flats in Avenfield.”

Chaudhry also lashed out at the former finance minister and said, “The biggest criminal of the current economic situation is Ishaq Dar.”

“The courts asked Dar to appear before them, however, the former prime minister sent him abroad,” he added.

Continuing with his criticism, Chaudhry said, “Nowadays if someone complains of back pain, they are put on a plane and flown to London. Dar was sent abroad and he hasn’t returned till date.”

Further, the information minister said, “Every government department has been destroyed.” He regretted, “Any department you visit, there are PML-N appointees sitting in it.”

“Nawaz Sharif announced airports in Bannu and Thar where there is no population. He announced airports and motorways as if sweets were being distributed,” he asserted.

On the subject of prime minister’s luxury vehicle auction, Chaudhry said, “We were told governments don’t run by auctioning cars.”

“The opposition should do a comparison of our one-month performance with the previous government’s performance over a year and see the difference for themselves,” he added.

“We will bring the change that we promised,” Chaudhry concluded.