Police register case against unknown caller for threatening Sheikh Rashid


A case has been registered in Civil Line police station against an unknown caller for threatening AML Cheif and former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Thursday. According to sources, a case was registered under the Telegraph Act and for the offense of making threats. An unknown caller made a threatening call on the official landline number of the CPO Rawalpindi office, last night. In this regard, a senior police officer stated that a case has been registered on the matter and investigation is underway, adding that the Rawalpindi Police has informed Sheikh Rashid and his secretary Lal Haveli administration, and also deployed elite commandos while increasing the security.
It should be noted that Sheikh Rashid has received threatening phone calls in the past as well and a case against it has already been registered in Waris Khan police station, while the Rawalpindi police failed to trace the unknown caller even after months.