Prices of tomato and onion increases in Karachi, Peshawar ahead on Eid


Citizens in Karachi and Peshawar are facing a double blow this Eid-ul-Adha as prices of essential vegetables skyrocket putting a strain on household budgets, especially for those already struggling with the high cost of living.
In Karachi, tomatoes, a staple ingredient in Eid dishes, have skyrocketed to Rs 240 per kg, while onions are selling at Rs 150 per kg. Even raw papaya, a key meat tenderizer, isn’t spared, reaching Rs 150 per kg. The situation is similar for garlic and ginger, crucial for flavourful curries, with prices reaching Rs 150 each.
Karachi residents, already burdened by inflation, say these price increases come on top of a recent budget that offered little relief. With Eid approaching, many feel forced to buy vegetables at these inflated prices despite the pinch it puts on their wallets.
Meanwhile, in Peshawar, tomatoes have seen an alarming price increase, soaring from Rs 40-50 to Rs 150 per kg in just three days. Other vegetables like onions, green chillies, and ginger have also become more expensive.
To curb profiteering, the district administration in Peshawar has imposed Section 144, prohibiting the supply of tomatoes to other districts for the next 10 days.
This measure aims to ensure local availability and stabilize prices for consumers.