Prohibited funding verdict acknowledges Imran’s crime: Mariyam Aurangzeb


While declaring Election Commission of Paksitan’s (ECP) verdict on prohibited funding against PTI as an acknowledgment of Imran’s Crime, Mariyam Aurangzeb said in post-verdict press conference that after-all thief has been caught after four years.
On Tuesday, she said in press conference after ECP verdict that Imran Khan is no more ‘Sadiq and Amin’ (honest and truthful) so he should resign as party head.
She said that Imran Khan is a liar and forger on which ECP stamped, Imran Khan took funding from Israel, India, America, Canada and other countries to create insurgency in
Pakistan. Imran Khan willingly took funding from 351 foreign companies and 34 foreign persons, submitted fake and wrong affidavit.
She maintained, Imran Khan was operating 13 foreign bank accounts by self and was hiding from ECP.
Imran Khan was taking money from international frauds on the name of charity she continues, and he byself send money for his four employees Tahir Iqbal, Muhammad Nouman Afzal, Muhammad Arshad and Muhammad Rafique.
Thieves and money launderers have changed nine lawyers, five time they ran away from ECP and submitted nine petitions, she added.
While demanding federal government to implement ECP verdicts, she said, Imran Khan has been proved international money launderer.