PTI asks US president to withdraw his anti Pakistan statement


PTI while condemning the US president statement in strongest terms has demanded of Joe Biden to withdraw his statement.
Fawad Chaudhry said in his statement US president Joe Biden wants to divert attention from his declining credibility among the Americans. Joe Biden should withdraw his irresponsible statements about Pakistan forthwith.
He held our present leadership can be weak but people of Pakistan are not weak.
On the other side Shireen Mazari has said while tagging US president in her twitter the real threat to the world is US nuclear program because US have no control on its nuclear weapons.
She underlined that irresponsible super power which is equipped with nuclear capability and has inclination towards changing governments through interference is filling the ocean with armed forces.
She remarked “ your citizens are not even safe who are gunned down by any gun man on every other day.
Former speaker National Assembly Asad Qaisar said US president irresponsible statement about Pakistan nuclear program is a notion to divert attention from his declining popularity among US people.
He underlined the incumbent government in Pakistan may be your slave but the people of Pakistan are not your slaves.