Reforms imperative for economic stability and strengthening institutions: Faiq


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party said reforms are inevitable for strengthening institutions to put the economy and country in the right direction.
Shah stressed it is essential to focus on increasing people’ difficulties and steps should be taken on emergent grounds to provide them relief.
The party leader called for the provision of equal opportunities for youth and their uplift on priority basis, which can play their improvement role in boosting the economy and development of the country.
Chairing a meeting here at the party central secretariat on Friday, Shah stressed to form a new government beyond personal and political interests and it should take a holistic plan for public betterment and lead the country toward prosperity and development.
Shah said it is essential to set aside personal interest and politics and to be united on a single agenda and point that is to put the country in the right direction and put it in rank of the developed nation.
He said ATP is the name of the movement which has vigorously struggled for public authority and justice for the last seven years and wanted policies in the best interest of the public.
He said serious steps should be initiated for improving the economy.
Besides, he asked to bring ease in the system of local governments and justice.
Shah said an organized game of division and power was played in the country.
He warned if this game would be repeated then the people would not forgive the rulers and politicians.
The party leader noted people are anxious and angry for their authority and justice.
He called for bringing reforms in Thana, courts and the law and justice system.
He went on to say that when service to people would be made prime objective so it will bring blessing, stability and progress in the country, strengthen institutions and end the oppressive system, division and decisions would be made in best interest of the people.