Reham Khan’s book is now available on Amazon


WASHINGTON : The much-awaited biography of Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, has been published online and its e-version is now available for readers on

According to a news report published in a local newspaper, the book’s Kindle version is now available on The book is priced at $9.99 on Amazon and can be read online only.

Reham has written in detail about the time she spent as Imran’s wife while she has also written about several of Imran’s close aides, including Murad Saeed.

Following is Amazon’s description of the book:

“Reham Khan was born in Libya in the 1970s to an educated, affluent Pakistani-origin family. Her eventful life took her from Gaddafi’s Libya to the Zia years in Pakistan and thence to England as a teenage bride before she returned to Pakistan in her 40s. It’s a life of extraordinary contrasts: both a brutal marriage and domestic abuse, but also the rebuilding of a life, the raising of three children and subsequent media success. And in recent years the contrasts have continued: Reham has built a successful career as a broadcast journalist and anchor, and has established herself as a powerful media force in the UKand Pakistan – but also, after years of struggle, she now finds herself in the midst of a complex web of politics, deceit and intrigue.

This story touches on sensitive issues, both political and social, and the author has had to resist extreme bullying, harassment and life-threatening situations to bring it to you. There are powerful people who do not want you to hear it – because it shows all too clearly that there are those in political office in Pakistan, and all over the world, who are not driven by a desire to serve the public but rather by venal ambition.

The miracle of Reham’s story is that, throughout it all, this housewife-turned-journalist-turned-social-activist has managed to balance her work with her primary role of being a mother. She shows us the challenges that a woman can overcome when she wants more from life than tradition expects of her.

Earlier, there had been rumors on social media that Reham is finally launching her book.

Talking about this, Reham said that preparations are being made for the launch of the book. However, the final date for the launch of the book has not been decided yet.

Reham said that she is trying to get the book published before elections.

The leaked manuscript of Reham’s book had already sparked a debate on mainstream and social media because of the allegations made against Imran Khan and his close aides in the book. The book will possibly have some implications for the party during elections.

Meanwhile, the PTI members alleged Reham of working on PMLN’s agenda before elections.