Responsible should announce to hold election after Hajj if not after Ramadan: Sheikh Rashid


Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said he wants to say to the responsible persons of the country to announce to hold general election after Hajj if not after holy month of Ramadan enabling the people to decide.

“ I want to say to the responsible persons of the country to come forward and announce to hold the election after Hajj if not after holy month of Ramadan so that the people could decide, he said this while addressing ground breaking ceremony of university charter here Friday.

The decision for holding general election should be taken immediately so that the nation could decide. The elections should be held fairly and justly. The new election is needed so that the people of respective constituency should reject the person who sells the votes of his constituency as well his conscience should reject him and elect honest man.

All those who have plundered national wealth and parked it in off shore accounts have united against Imran Khan, he added.

He went on to say tomorrow would be the crucial day in national politics. All the robbers and plunderers of national wealth have untied against Imran Khan but Imran Khan will fight against them till last ball. I stand with Imran Khan like rock wall. The real is that who stands in critical time.

Rawalpindi city does not like traitors and conscience sellers, he said adding our poor people have passed through multiple trials.

I wanted to retire from the politics on Monday but if I abandon Imran Khan then my conscience will prick me , he underlined.

If no confidence motion succeeds on Sunday even then Imran Khan will not accept defeat from these conscience sellers. If he plays the politics of chowk and street then every person of Rawalpindi will stand with him, he remarked.

Pakistan is located in very important area and we are linked to three world powers geographically, he added.

He stated we arrested 4 people on the day of opposition public meeting. They include Mohsin, Ismail, Zafran and Shahzad while Raees has fled. Two among them were suicide bomber.

He announced to give Rs 25 lac each to the family members of martyrs.

He held Usman Buzdar issued the notification of Waqar un Nisa university before resigning from his office. The most difficult job of life is to make Waqar un Nisa university.