Threat to any one be he Imran Khan or Shahbaz Sharif is threat to country: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi


Former Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said parliament be summoned and the matter of letter be placed before it as threat to any one be he Imran Khan or Shahbaz Sharif is threat to the country.

“ the reality about the letter of Imran Khan has come to open. Our own ambassador has written the letter. US have refuted it and clarified its position. Be he Prime Minister Imran Khan or Shahbaz Sharif, threat to them is threat to Pakistan. First of all tell us which country has given threat. National Security Committee (NSC) has not even mentioned name. Parliament session be called and the matter be placed before it. We will extend full support”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Friday.
He went on to say only two days more are left for Imran Khan. It is better he should remain at home.

Alluding to electricity shortfall issue, he said as per NEPRA there is short fall of 5400 megawatt electricity in the country. The people will have to pay Rs 4.68 per unit and collectively Rs 42 billion.

When Imran Khan had come to power he used to say that surplus electricity is being generated in the country.
People are facing this situation that Rs 26000 crores are being collected from them, he indicated. This situation will reach what alarming level in the month of June and July. This country which was generating the cheapest electricity is undergoing such worst situation at present. 12 hours long load shedding is being observed in the months of March and April. This is all due to incompetence of the government.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia does not produce electricity from diesel but Pakistan is generating electricity from diesel.

He underlined that the factories running with the cheapest electricity have become closed. The factories were shifted to diesel due to which the electricity became expensive.

Where is bumper crop now, he said adding we are importing wheat, fertilizer and sugar. Wit is needed to lie as well but this government lacks wit.