Sanjrani urges collective efforts to end suffering of innocent Palestinians


Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani Tuesday urged collective efforts to end suffering of innocent Palestinians and emphasized the the need of a resolution in accordance with international law. During a meeting with Ambassador of Jordan to Pakistan, Maen Khreisat who called on him here, he said the genocidal actions and war crimes of zionist Israeli regime in Palestinian territories were condemnable.

The discussion primarily focused on strengthening bilateral ties and addressing pressing humanitarian issues. They delved into the current situation in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, condemning the Israeli actions and emphasizing the broader implications for the Middle East region. Sadiq Sanjrani appreciated the efforts of King Abdullah bin Hussein of Jordan in seeking an end to the ongoing crisis. He appreciated Jordan’s pivotal role as the custodian of Masjid Al Aqsa Compound and its historical significance in maintaining peace in Alquds Jerusalem. The ambassador highlighted Jordan’s continuous support for the Palestinian people, including the establishment and replenishment of a hospital in Gaza to provide crucial medical services. Given Jordan’s historical commitment to Palestinian refugees, he stressed their ongoing efforts to assist in times of need. The Chairman Senate called for efforts to achieve heightened international awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. Acknowledging the enduring fraternal ties between Jordan and Pakistan, rooted in shared religious and cultural values, Jordanian Ambassador expressed a commitment to further strengthening these bonds. Sanjrani proposed an increase in bilateral trade and economic relations, reflecting the mutual desire for enhanced cooperation between the two countries. The meeting concluded with a shared determination to foster collaboration not only in addressing immediate challenges but also in building a stronger foundation for sustained partnership between the two nations.