Seizing digital wave through connectivity, global reach vital for modern-day media: Asim Khichi


GUANGZHOU (China), Dec 4 : Managing Director of the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Muhammad Asim Khichi on Monday, highlighting the potential for media growth in the digital age, called for benefiting from the opportunities of connectivity, diverse content creation, and global discourse. The managing director, in his address as a guest speaker at the Sub-Forum of 5th World Media Summit on “Embracing Changes: Media’s Response To New Technological Opportunities And Challenges” held in Guangzhou, China, said the media could capitalize on the growing online audience by expanding their digital presence and enhancing their global reach.

Seizing digital wave through connectivity, global reach vital for modern-day media: MD APP Recounting the modern-day challenges facing the media, he said the current digital age provided media with opportunities for creating diverse and inclusive content that reflected a variety of perspectives. The social media platforms also provide opportunities for direct interaction and engagement with the audience, he added. The Managing Director of APP, the national news agency of Pakistan, remarked that media could also benefit from collaborations with other organizations and enhancing resources and expertise, besides taking leverage of online platforms for revenue generation, including subscriptions, ads, and sponsored content. He said the media could play a crucial role in fostering informed public discourse and promoting civic engagement. Seizing digital wave through connectivity, global reach vital for modern-day media: MD APP He told the international gathering that on one hand, the current digital age had pushed media to the race of “breaking news” while on the other, the technological advancement had created ample opportunities for expansion in outreach and increase in earnings through monetization by multiple digital platforms. Asim Khichi said if remains unchecked, the challenge of fake news could lead to diverse social, political and security issues, besides damaging the media outlets’ credibility. He emphasised striking a balance between freedom of expression and responsible journalism is also crucial for the media sector’s development. The APP MD said the social media platforms enabled instant dissemination of news and engagement with diverse viewership, also providing room for innovative storytelling and content creation, contributing to a more dynamic media landscape. However, he said the extent of enjoying opportunities might vary, influenced by factors like regulatory environment, technological infrastructure, and adherence to journalistic ethics. He said the economic viability in the face of digital media growth was another challenge faced by many traditional media outlets that could be tackled by adapting to the rapidly evolving technologies and platforms. Regarding the APP, he told the gathering that besides strengthening its text services in multiple languages including Chinese, the news agency was also leveraging modern media opportunities by expanding its digital presence, engaging with diverse audiences through social media, adopting multimedia storytelling and collaborating with global news networks including Xinhua. He expressed the hope that the 5th World Media Summit would help learn from each other’s experiences and expertise in the field of media and come up with a joint statement to address the challenges faced by media in this digital age.