SC urged to take suo motu notice of spike in petroleum prices


ISLAMABAD: A lawyer has requested the Supreme Court to take suo motu notice of the latest increase in the prices of petroleum products. Advocate Mudassar Chaudhry said in his plea that the prices of petroleum products had been increased. The inflation-stricken people were committing suicides due to price hike, he said, adding that the constitution ensures right to life to every citizen. He requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the recent price hike as “the nation sees him as a saviour”. The caretaker government increased the prices of petroleum products a day ago despite the fact that crude oil prices declined in the global market. The caretaker government on Tuesday increased the price of petrol by Rs17.50 per litre, taking the price to record high of Rs290.45 per litre. The petrol price is now unprecedented in the history of the county, taking the inflation to an upward trajectory. DNA