Sexual Harassment at workplace is a crime and will be curbed, says chairperson PCSW Dr Riffat sardar


Dr Riffat Sardar Chairperson KPCSW has said that sexual harassment is a crime and will not be tolerated anywhere particularly at workplace. The Government endeavors its best to mitigate this social evil bringing legislation and implementation of the same laws, but it can be eliminated only, when we all fight against it. Just Promise today “No Sexual Violence”
She was addressing a national seminar on 16 days activism campaign to end violence against women and girls held at the North West institute of Health Sciences, Ring Road Hayatabad Peshawar, with the titled of, “Sexual Harassment at Health Institutions”.
The seminar was organized by the North West Institute of Health Science with the collaboration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the status of women as a series of 16 days activism campaign to eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls, now!
On the occasion Miss. Fozia Shehzad, Director Higher Education Regulatory Authority Peshawar, Dr. Riffat Aziz, Senior Medical Officer Sugar Hospital, Miss Rabia Basri MPA PTI, Miss Nasreen Khattak, Professor Doctor Kneez Fatima Member of the commission , Jawad Ullah Alternative care expert KP CPWC, Miss Rukhsana Khlid, Principal Edex School, Chand Bibi Social development Worker and Entrepreneur, Dr.Riffat Sardar Chairperson KPCSW and the Principal of North west Institute of Health science, were present and the noted speakers.
All the speakers highlighted the increasing trend of increasing sexual harassment events in the education and other institutions. They insisted that it is the need of the day to understand the relevant laws and know about the forums of reporting mechanism for such violations. We all should give everyone their due respect. They added
The Administrative heads of the institution are responsible to ensure the observance of code of conduct and continuous awareness programs with in the institutions to mitigate the sexual harassment incidents.
The paramedic staff are more responsible to handle the sexual harassment and child sexual abuse cases with in the hospitals to provide the required medical support with dignity and respect.
All the speakers emphasized that the parents, the teachers and the institutions can play their positive role in becoming a good child, good students, good professionals and in creation a good and safe society, which is the only solution for eliminating the sexual violence. At the end the certificates were distributed among the participants.