Sheer Violation of SBP Rules and False Reporting to Head Office in Meezan Bank Branch 0322


Meezan Bank can see a sharp decline soon if it does not appoint a trained and cooperative staff in its branches as early as possible. Bank’s staff in some branches are writing false letters to head office and disturbing the public that visits the branches for service use.
The staff of Meezan Bank branch Ghauri Town Branch 0322 Islamabad is violating the clear policy of State Bank of Pakistan refusing to hand over the captured ATM cards to users within two working days even if the user appears the very next first working day.
The Manager and a lady staff are creating a bad name for the bank by not cooperating with the public rather than making false letters to Manager ATM Operations Meezan House Karachi.
The user of ABL ATM Mr. Akhtar Tazeen used the ATM card on 03 June 2023 at Meezan Bank’s above mentioned branch but the Machine that was in highly dilapidated condition captured the card.
There was no digit that was readable on the dialing pad of ATM Machine of Meezan Bank Branch that may have made some error in use and the machine captured the card.
The user Mr. Akhtar Tazeen visited the bank on the very next first working day on 05 June 2023 to take the card back but the Manager refused saying the card expired on 31 May 2023 and it will be sent to head office only.
The User, having consulted with the nearby Manager of ABL , argued with the Manager Meezan Bank that if the user visits within two working days in person, the card should be returned having checked the ID of the user. But the Manager was not ready to listen to this argument that was based upon the SBP’s policy.
In the meanwhile a lady staff intruded and started shouting at the user. She was the junior of the Manager but was posing as if she was the only responsible person in the bank, her attitude and words were not responsible though.
Interestingly the same Manager in his written letter to Manager ATM Operations admitted the policy of returning the card if the user visits in two working days but here he lied that the user did not appear in two working days. The user was standing in front of him the very next first working day.
The manager was so much fixed on his mindset that he could not see his own sheer fault and falseness that proves him totally wrong in this case. He himself made a letter to Karachi that proves him guilty. Example, he mentions the date of capture 03 june and writes a letter on 05 june and claims that the user did not appear within two days.
First , two days will end on 06 june. How he can write one day earlier than the two days that the user did not appear. Second, the user was in front of him and was arguing and requesting to please take my id and return my card.
This is the state of affairs at the branches of Meezan Bank in the capital city. One can easily imagine what will be the condition in remote branches Further, the user introduced himself to the manager that he is editor of a newspaper in Islamabad but still the manager not only bothered to extend any cooperation but actually he played with the editor and lied in the letter to his own head office.
If an editor can see this grim situation in the bank, what will the commoners be bearing at the hands of such arrogant staff?Meezan Bank head office and Banking Ombudsperson are expected and supposed to take notice of this test case.