Since 2019, Khyber Rescue 1122 serves the tribesmen to its best


Rescue 1122 has dealt 9331 different types of emergencies across the district Khyber in the last four years report.
In a report shared by the emergency officer of the Rescue department of Khyber, Syed Shoab Mansoor said last day that two stations in addition with nine referral points had been established to provide timely relief to the effectees.
Beside routine duties, Rescue 1122 workers had actively participated in Corona Pandemic, landslide incident in Torkham and other mishaps happen in the district, report revealed.
As per report the department tackled 6092 medical emergencies including timely provision of medical assistance to the patients of heart attack, blood pressure, paralysis etc. and transported them to nearest health center for proper treatment.
Throughout the district 1375 traffic mishaps had been reported in which Rescue 1122, Khyber helped the wounded and shifted them to hospitals.
In the same way the Rescue 1122 workers responded to 309 different fire eruption incidents and provided needed relief.
Medical help and other assistance were supplied during 347 of quarrels and firing happens.
Similarly the rescuers facilitated 389 patients of Covid 19 patients in addition with dealing of effectees of 23 explosion incidents.
They responded to 44 of drowning incidents next to 28 occurrence of falling from buildings. While relief was supplied in 724 recovery incidents.
After launching a referral service in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2021, in the last four years, Rescue 1122 had delivered services in 5105 referral cases beside it had actively participated in Corona Pandemic, landslide incident in Torkham and other mishaps happen in the districts, it revealed.
The District Emergency Officer maintained that the Rescue 1122 extended services to approximately 400 immigrants in Holding Center, Landi Kotal, in the ongoing Afghan repatriation.
Moreover Rescue 1122, Khyber training wing imparted knowledge of first aid, fire rescuing and tackling of other emergencies to the government officials, volunteers of welfare organizations, students and people from different walks of life.
He went on that Rescue 1122 was public department, which functioned 7/24 to serve the masses therefore contact it in case of emergency and encourage the Rescue 1122 volunteers to enhance their competency.
Locals lauded the services of Rescue 1122, Khyber, it delivered during manmade or natural disasters and said since the first day of its establishment; unmatched services are being rendered by trained Rescue workers, Khyber that has earned a good name for the department.