Sindh Assembly passes resolution to declare Sindhi a national language


KARACHI :Sindh Assembly passed a resolution submitted by Nand Kumar of Muslim League (Functional) to recognize Sindhi a national language of Pakistan.
MPAs presented legislative businesses in Sindh Assembly on the occasion of Private Members’ Day on Tuesday.
The resolution to declare Sindh a national language of Pakistan was presented by Nand Kumar of Muslim League (Functional) in the session being headed by the Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza.
He said that Sindhi is an old, historical and traditional heritage and should be taught as a compulsory language in all government and private schools.
MQM rejected the notion and its representative Syed Sardar Ahmad reminded the assembly that Quaid-e-Azam had declared Urdu the national language of Pakistan. This would cause similar demands to be raised for Pashto, Balochi and other languages.This is a sensitive issue and should be presented before a high-level committee.
MPAs from Pakistan Peoples Party also asked for permission to comment on the issue but walked out of the assembly on being denied by the Speaker. The Speaker presented the resolution on the floor which was accepted by majority. Gruffness between the PPP MPAs and the Deputy Speaker led to the dismissal of the session 5 minutes before the scheduled time during which an agreement was reached.
Due to absence of the required quorum after the break, the session was dismissed for 15 minutes which was later dismissed till tomorrow for the same reason.