SITE Ltd agrees to set up online complaint center for industrialists


Managing Director of SITE Ltd, Munawar Ali Mahesar has shown keen interest to uplift SITE area through developing sound and secure infrastructure by securing extra budget from the Sindh Government thereby agreeing with the industrialists about the strategic importance of the first industrial estate of Pakistan that is also responsible for a large percentage of total exports.
In the meantime, the MD informed that SITE Limited is exploring multiple avenues and out of the box solutions to tackle issues of debris, garbage and general upkeep of the industrial estate.
He was addressing members of SITE Association of Industry. Abdul Rasheed, President SITE Association of Industry, Zubair Motiwala, Patron-in-Chief SITE Association, Jawed Bilwani, former President, Saleem Parekh, former President, Saud Mahmood, SVP, Muhammad Kamran Arbi, VP, Younus Bashir, Majyd Aziz, Tariq Yousuf, Sikandar Imran, Anwer Aziz, Abdul Hadi, Junaid Makda, Saleem Nagaria, Riazuddin, Abdul Kadir Bilwani, Naveed Wahid, Khalid Riaz, Muhammad Riaz Dhedhi, Azeem Motiwala, Touseef Ahmed, Muhammad Hussain Moosani and others were also attended the meeting.
MD SITE appreciated the cooperation and support extended to him and his organization by SAI and looked forward to continuation of the same. Both parties agreed that with the current level of efforts and mutual understanding, SITE Area could soon be restored to its classification as a model Industrial Estate.
He also agreed to the suggestion of SITE Association of Industry to establish an online complaint center to address issues of SITE area. He said that increasing encroachments in the SITE area are due to the ineffective security system of SITE Ltd, which will be looked into.
On the suggestion of a senior member, he issued instructions to make the existing Fire Hydrant of SITE area functional to store 40-50 tanker water and assured that street lights of main roads will be made functional through K-Electric soon.
MD SITE further said that to further augment the infrastructure more roads shall be rebuilt in the SITE area for which funds are available. Abdul Rasheed, President SAI, at this point shared with him a proposed list of roads for the purpose.
Earlier, President SITE Association of Industry, Abdul Rasheed thanked the MD SITE Ltd for his visit and drew his attention towards encroachments, garbage lifting & general cleaning, tree plantation and water issues and stressed to resolve these issues on priority basis.
He complained about other departments visiting SITE industries to collect different taxes such as Trade License and said that only SITE Ltd should collect Trade License fee as the area falls under SITE Ltd domain.
Zubair Motiwala, Patron-in-Chief SITE Association of Industry, said that we are in contact with the Sindh Government for the transfer of property tax of SITE area to SITE Ltd to increase its revenue. He appreciated the performance of the new MD SITE and remarked that the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ stands true in his case.
He stressed the MD SITE to take personal interest in resolving water issues of the area and in particular the project of water line from Hub Dam to SITE area which is just 11-KM long. He suggested hiring a Consultant to see the viability of a waste energy plant.
Jawed Bilwani, former President, said that SITE Ltd staff are getting salaries & pensions on time, which shows improvement in performance of SITE Ltd. He further said that sides of roads should not be higher than road level and main roads should be in good condition at all times and added that no permission should be granted to cover the nullah for parking purposes which makes the cleaning of nullah very difficult, when choked.
Saleem Parekh, former President, emphasized the need to keep a budget for the maintenance of all the roads being constructed as SITE Ltd is the ultimate owner of all the roads and also suggested making the road from Naurus to Siemens a Model area.