Six injured as two bogeys of passenger train derail in Noshehro Feroze


NOSHEHRO FEROZE: Six passengers were injured when two cars of a train derailed near Noshehro Feroze halting upcountry railway traffic. The Green Line train, going to Rawalpindi from Karachi, when its two passenger bogeys went off the track injuring six passengers. The train was still moving on dragging the derailed compartments with it for about three kilometres. The authorities suspended the railway traffic by halting trains at different railway stations. Sukkur Express train was stopped at Kot Lalu railway station whereas Khyber Mail was halted at Pid Eiden. The damaged compartments were detached from the Green Line train and it was given the green signal to resume its journey. A relief train from Rohri has been set off for Noshehro Feroze to repair the damaged track for resuming upcountry railway traffic. DNA