SSTs should be given basic scale 17 otherwise they will protest in Bani Gala: Farhad


The up-gradation of SSTs to scale 17 should be done immediately. The resolution of the provincial assembly and the decision of the Peshawar High Court have come in favor of the SSTs, but the provincial government is working with traditional delay in issuing the notification. If we are not given our right, then we will hold a historic protest in front of Bani Gala.
These views were expressed by Zulfiqar Ahmed, President of SSTs Welfare Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and General Secretary Farhad Tucker while talking to media representatives.
They said that Upgradation of SSTs should be done before the protest sit-in on December 26.
As our phased protest has entered the second phase, we warn the provincial government that the Upgradation Committee consisting of Finance Department, Establishment Department.
The Law Department and Education approved Scale 17 in April 2022 and directed the Secretary Education to upgrade the SSTs within two months, but still we are not being given our right, due to which the SS across the province The teachers are worried because the basic scale of SSTs in other provinces is 17.
If the up-gradation notification is not issued immediately, the teachers will go on the streets. Fulfill the demands, otherwise the historic protest sit-in in Bani Gala will continue till the notification is issued, all the responsibility of which will be on the present provincial government.
For the development of small business, it is necessary to take measures at the government level. Zahir Shah
Mardan: President of Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry(MCCI) Zahir Shah Khan has said that it is inevitable to take measures at the government level for the development and improvement of small and medium level businesses.Businessmen, including taxpayers, are playing a key role in the country’s economy. The government should provide them facilities and privileges.
The business community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continued to do business despite the unfavorable conditions, which is no less than a jihad, the government took practical steps to help them.He expressed these views while talking to the journalists of Shergarh on Saturday.
Mardan Chamber is a representative forum of traders which has played an important role in protecting the rights of traders and solving their problems and providing special relief and efforts will be continued in the future to provide all possible facilities to traders.(MCCI) President Zahir Shah said that the taxpayers are ready for all possible cooperation with the government to support the country’s economy and lead it towards development.
He demanded that the government takes the Chambers, the business community into confidence and formulates policies so that economic stability and prosperity come to the country.
He further said that the business community will be prosperous then the country’s economy will move towards growth and improvement.