Sugar millers are running cricket, Babar was ridiculed: Miandad


Former captain and coach Javed Miandad has said that sugar mill operators are running cricket, wrong decisions have pushed Pakistan cricket towards destruction.
In an interview, he said that people who have nothing to do with cricket are running the game, so wrong decisions are being made.
Political influence in PCB is causing irreparable damage to the game, political people should be confined to politics.
He said that we need administrators like Abdul Hafeez Kardar, the appointment of a junior and less experienced cricketer in the selection committee is surprising.
Javed Miandad said that the country’s greatest player has been ridiculed, non-cricketers are making cricket decisions. The decision to remove Babar Azam from captaincy is not correct. Cricketers should be respected and honored. There is no conflict with Babar as a manager. He was kept so that he would become a strong captain.
Air Marshal Noor Khan made me the captain and made Mushtaq Muhammad the manager, PCB’s recent treatment of a great player like Babar is pathetic.
He further said that Babar Azam has a slight flaw in his technique. He doesn’t go to the crease and attack the bowler due to which his batting lacks continuity. Babar does not lack talent but he has a bit problem in his style. The change can be made, it needs fine-tuning.
Babar Azam bats with a straight body, straight body and knee bend is essential: Miandad
Miandad said that no one is going to tell Babar Azam. He has all the quality but no one is going to tell him on net, he is repeating his mistakes again and again. Correcting the mistakes at the net will give him confidence and make him a better batsman.
When I was the head coach of the Pakistan team, I worked on the mistakes of many batsmen including Mohammad Yousuf, Younis Khan.
He further said that Babar Azam should work on his flaws, Babar Azam once came to me if he still wants to ask me, I am always there, this country gave me, I am always there for every player. Ready to tell, but what can I do if no one comes.
Javed Miandad said that Younis Khan and Yousuf were always willing to learn, today’s cricketers do not want to learn.
He said that in the presence of Iqbal Qasim, Mushtaq Muhammad, Sadiq Muhammad, Haroon Rashid, Shoaib Muhammad and such cricketers, such a cricketer who has recently retired from cricket was made the chief selector. How much cricket has Wahab Riaz played?
I don’t need a position but good people should be brought forward which will benefit Pakistan cricket, said Javed Miandad.
Without naming Zaka Ashraf, Javed Miandad said that how much cricket he has played but he is deciding the fate of cricket, I don’t need any position but sit outside and regret the state of cricket.