Terror attacks in Thailand


Last week a series of blasts hit popular tourist resorts in Southern Thailand that left four people dead and at least 24 injured. Four bombs exploded in the upscale resort of Hua Hin on Thursday evening and Friday morning. Other blasts hit the tourist island of Phuket. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Speculations are rife about the perpetrators of the attack with no clue so far. The terror act has reminded the world once again that no place is safe and terrorists can hit anytime, anywhere to spread their nefarious agenda. The Thai security agencies have been working on multiple leads to find the real culprits. Among them one factor is the Muslim insurgents who are fighting for an independent state in the south of the country. Those areas are already notorious for the incidents of bombings by Islamist insurgents but they have never committed a terror act of such a magnitude outside their own area. The latest incident of bombings has left the Thai nation in utter distress, as it is a new form of violence for them. The attacks were aimed at destroying the economy of the country that suffered a big blow after the bombing as it heavily relies on its tourism industry. Tourism accounts for about 10 percent of gross domestic product, and Thailand was expecting a record 32 million visitors this year. The confrontation between political factions and the army-led regime cannot be ruled out for this heinous act.