Threats, talks cannot go side by side: Khawaja Saad Rafiq


Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq has said threats and talks cannot take place side by side.
“ If Khan Sahb dissolves assemblies then he will be rendered helpless and not we., he said this while addressing a joint press conference along with interior minister Rana Sana Ullah here Saturday.

He held that PTI chairman Imran Khan kept on calling our cooperation NRO. He used to go by jumping over chairs to avoid facing opposition.

He went on to say that “ 4-year fironiat of Imran Khan is known to every one. But these people were inapt and corrupt too. However if they are sincere then environment for talks has to be made. Because threats and talks cannot go side by side. Talks are need of Imran Khan and not our. We want elections are held as per schedule.

He underlined that election was given to Imran Khan after stealing it. Imran Khan remained ruler for near four years in federation. Imran Khan era ended through democratic and constitutional way. Later conspiracies of Imran Khan were foiled one by one.

He stated “if you want talks then PDM will decide about it. In the past informal contacts were made. Talks process is part of politics.

Imran Khan should understand it well that if assemblies are dissolved then it is he only who has to become helpless. Dissolving assemblies means making mockery of people mandate. If you have to contact us then you should make it through process. Imran Khan extended offer for talks in threatening tone.

He remarked Imran Khan plays with umpire. Certain allies say that we should not give face saving.

Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah said politicians never refuse holding talks. He is the only politicians who has not shaken hands with the opposition during about four years.

Imran Khan tried to get date for election by threatening the establishment but he failed. He is busing on this work since May 25.

Imran Khan kept on seeking date from third power, he said adding but date was not given because they have become apolitical.

This is failure of Imran Khan that he could not bring ocean of people. We inherited such situation that the country was on the brink of default. We propped up the country be we could not come to such position to give relief to the people, he added.