Trafficking in Person and Bonded Labor in Pakistan


Rickshaw campaign
The Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) has launched a rickshaw campaign in Rawalpindi to spread the message about curbing the issue of human trafficking and to raise awareness about the Prevention of Trafficking in Person Law 2018.
The designed banners were placed at the back of the rickshaws so messages can be reached to the maximum number of people.
The Rickshaw Campaign in Rawalpindi kicked off with briefing sessions with rickshaw drivers, where they were given information about the issue of human trafficking and potential victims to the menace.
They were also oriented in being aware around their surroundings of noticing any unusual or suspicious activity or any passenger taking a ride with them who may appear to be suspicious or forcefully taking someone along with them to an unusual destination. Since rickshaws are easily accessible even to the remotest of the areas and also the doors provide privacy to the passengers therefore majority of the times such activities go unnoticed.
Furthermore, the banner highlighted the helpline “0333-1110566” launched by SSDO to serve as a main point of contact for the victims of human trafficking and bonded labor. This is a step further into combating the issue at country level, as well as a source of information for all stakeholders, including the general public.
The helpline is to provide a platform to the potential victims especially the communities with high ratio of trafficking in person that contains both human trafficking for sex and bonded labor, i.e., brick kiln and agri-farms in Pakistan.
The campaign was also linked with the International Youth Day and involved participation from the youth in the shape of university students who volunteered to take part in the activity and promote the awareness campaign. This will further strengthen the essence of the campaign in spreading message among the young people who are most vulnerable to the crime of human trafficking as they are lured into this menace with offers of a great career earning them money for a better future.
On this occasion the Executive Director of SSDO, Syed Kausar Abbas said, “With this Rickshaw Campaign, our aim is to spread awareness among the masses at a larger scale. The idea is that every passenger using the rickshaws and other people who see these rickshaws travelling with this poster are able to comprehend the message that we want to share with them regarding how to save yourself and others from this heinous crime of human trafficking. SSDO also launched a similar Rickshaw campaign in Multan last month.
The SSDO also organized a symbolic awareness walk on combating human trafficking and bonded labor, in which different people from different segment of society especially youth participated at large numbers.