Tribesmen flay negative propaganda on social media against forces, judiciary


Improper language and offensive words being utilized on social media against forces and judiciary is equivalent to suffer Pakistani image internationally and to materialize mal-designs of our enemies.
It is need of time to cement unity among our ranks and foil every single attempt against our motherland and its institutions.
These views were expressed by City Mayor Haji Shah Khalid flanked by Malik Tajuddin, Malik Khyal Rasool, Haji Banaris Khan Shinwari, Mustafa Shinwari and others while addressing a press conference here in Landi Kotal press club on Saturday.
He added that for the last few weeks, on foreign support negative propaganda on social media has been initiating against forces and the judiciary that is condemnable.
He along with accomplices categorically condemned the last day incident carried out in the Mosque of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Saudi Arabia that has earned a bad name for the country.
Through fifth generation war, some immature people have been instigating to criticize and to level baseless allegations against forces and other institutions to spread hatred and to weaken Pakistan, he added and said the mal-practice will not only suffer the country but will also disperse unity of the people.
Haji Shah Khalid said that strong institutions are binding for prosper and sustainable Pakistan therefore time has come to curtain anti- country and departments’ propaganda and to forge unity to foil the anti-state act of our enemy.