Tribesmen flays Pak-Afghan luxury bus service Via Torkham


A protest rally of Khuga Khel tribesmen against Pak-Afghan luxury bus service to be commenced next month via Torkham Border was held at Bacha Khan square, Landi Kotal Bazaar on Thursday.
It is to be mentioned here that in July, 2022 Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to launch lavish bus service between Peshawar and Jalalabad, Quetta and Kandahar.
Scores of locals gathered at the Chowk and chanted slogans against what they said was an unfair decision of the government.
Addressing on the occasion their leaders including Mufti Ijaz Shinwari, city mayor Haji Shah Khalid, Mirajuddin Shinwari, Israr Shinwari, councilor Azizullah Afridi and others categorically condemned the bus service and said it would leave hundreds of thousands of locals jobless.
“We reject an agreement signed between a group of nominal elders and the government and will utilize all forums to safeguard interests of the transporters,” they added.
The comfort passenger bus service would deprive the majority of the locals of earning three time meals a day, they said and added they would retaliate every injustice towards the poor segment of tribal society.
The protestors threatened that their agitation would continue till revision of the bus service.
It is to be mentioned here that more than five thousands passengers’ vehicles including motor cars, coaches and others mostly of locals were running between Islamabad, Peshawar and Torkham.
At the end demonstrators marched to Torkham and dispersed.