Utilize the full potential of the mining sector for economic growth: Atif Ikram


President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Mr. Atif Ikram Sheik said Pakistan’s mineral sector, valued in billions of dollars. Himalayan pink salt was the identity of Pakistan all over the world and its export in international markets will be a welcome sign. He was talking to a delegation of Miracle Salt Collective Inc which called on Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh President FPCCI & Mr. Karim Aziz Malik Chairman FPCCI Capital Office, Mr. Ch Naseer Chairman Building Committee Islamabad is also present on this occasion.
During the meeting the President FPCCI Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh hoped that the salt export from the country would increase after the signing of joint venture between Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and Miracle Salt and it will also further strengthen the trade ties with the US. “This joint venture is a manifestation of the fact that Pakistan has the most suitable destination for foreign investment. “The scope of our endeavors should go beyond the pink rock salt project. We should utilize the full potential of the mining sector to become a new driver of Pakistan’s economic growth.” he added.
Atif Ikram Sheikh President FPCCI Atif Ikram Sheikh President of FPCCI requested to Government to impose minimum price on export Salt and also put ban on Salt Raw Stone to export. should be add value-added for export to protect local industry and make employment.
Mr. Karim Aziz Malik Chairman FPCCI Capital Office said that Pakistan possesses one of the world’s largest salt deposits stretching over 350 km area lying between Jhelum and Kohat districts and the Khewra, Kala Bagh area (KP & Punjab) salt mines in Jhelum is the second largest salt mine in the world but Pakistan is remained on 20th place in the list of salt exporting countries.
He further said that the GI tag for pink salt will serve as a potential economic tool to promote and enhance national and international trade of Pakistan and earn revenue.
On the occasion, the President of Miracle Salt Collective Inc. USA Mr. Ahmed Khan who is a non-resident Pakistani told the President FPCCI Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh that after the formation of the company in Pakistan, it will be listed on major stock exchanges around the world, which will benefit the government of Pakistan and local investors.
He shared his views that Pakistan have abundant natural resources and pink salt is a unique and revolutionary thing. Despite of huge deposits of pink salt, Pakistan have not so far benefited from it. He said that 45 countries are processing and value adding and packing the packing salt with their unique brands so why not Pakistan is doing this. He said that consistent policies and positive approach are important for any kind of business.
Mr. Ahmed Kan also apprised the President FPCCI about the plan of action prepared regarding economic improvement, education and health, and employment provision of the local population in the salt mining areas.