We own a plot but can not construct a shelter in teeth of GEHF: G-14 allottees

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Delaying somersaults
Sector was opened during PML-Q government and its contract was awarded to NC and the contract was further sub let by NC to a private construction company
Ever slumbering lethargy on the part of Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (GEHF) in clothing Sector G-14 bones in development has plunged thousands of serving and retired government employees into murky darkness of embarrassment and frustration.
According to media reports, the allottees feel them to be destitute ditched by GEHF with staring into their desperate desires now vanishing into nullity because of marathon indifference being shown by the foundation in launching development work at the sector since the last 14 years.
“ our relatives and friends mock us with bits of sneering remarks “ how owners are you of a plot that you can not own it even after having been dubbed as owner of it in the documents as you can not raise a shelter home over it to keep your outward prestige and dignity from being exposed to people. You say you are possessing a gem priced plot but you are staying in a cheap rented shanty, said a government employee.
A grey haired elderly man came running to us and started speaking out with giving no space to any pause” sir I am a retired government employee. My delight knew no bounds when allotment letter came tiptoeing to me as it was a source of solace that after retirement I will not to have hire a home within my meager pension but this plot avails me nothing as I am still homeless and living in a rented home. Marriage ceremonies of my daughters are around the corner but it has embarrassed me how will I make the wedding arrangements of my daughters in two room rented home. I continue to roll my eyes around the vacant plot in panic which I own but I can not make any construction over it being non developed, he
The sector was opened during PML-Q government and its contract was awarded to NC and the contract was further sub let by NC to a private construction company. During PML-N regime the NC was expelled and sub let contractor was made main contractor. Additional amount was charged after review and BUP charges were recovered at enhanced rate. Development charges were also collected. But development process of this sector has not been started so far. Some allottees were given possession but they were not allowed to construct homes. Streets have been built partly in some areas where process of cutting of land has been completed. Mettled roads have not been built. Water, electricity and gas facilities have not been provided, a group of allottees looked at us with eyes overbrimming with agony and distress.
The allottees particularly retired government employees have appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into the matter personally, order immediate inquiry into inordinate delay in development work besides launching punitive action against the responsible persons.