Yet More Confusion in Punjab


The honourable court has done what it could to restore sanity in Punjab, but it appears that some of the province’s principal political players are still bent on creating as much confusion as possible, which is regrettable.
And, surely, some of PTI’s firebrand supporters, including a couple of mainstream TV channels, could have done better than reading a short, select and quite irrelevant part of the court’s short order only to celebrate the return of Usman Buzdar to the CM house. They had some egg on their face for other reasons as well, because the simple, basic math of the reelection still tips Hamza as the winner, unless, of course, some of his party members mysteriously fail to show.
But it’s hardly as simple as that. Regardless of the result, the matter won’t be settled till the fate of the byelections held on July 17 is settled. If for argument’s sake, Hamza does come out the winner, and his party goes on to lose most seats in the byelections, he’d still have to be shown the door. The reverse is also true, of course, so all that is going to be accomplished now is getting on board the train that will eventually get the province out of this mess that has gone on since April. If only the parties fighting over the spoils of Punjab gave a thought or two to the fate of the people in this big province. From their point of view, the pandemonium of the last few months has at least made one thing crystal clear; that their supposed leaders can think of nothing more important to themselves than their seats of power.
If that fine balance is upset, they’ll go to any length to restore the status quo. And if that rubs the people the wrong way because it makes their lives miserable by paralysing the whole system, then they’ll just have to bear it. That’s why their lot never changes no matter which party is in power. And that’s unlikely to change even when the current circus in Punjab comes to an end.