Zong and Hasan Raheem pair up for an exciting dance challenge on YouTube Shorts


ISLAMABAD: Are you ready to move and groove? Zong 4G gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your dance talents to the whole country. Zong’s new YouTube Shorts challenge featuring Hasan Raheem is making waves across the nation. In collaboration with YouTube, the digital connectivity partner of millions of Pakistanis is inviting everyone to show off their dance abilities using YouTube’s unique short video format. The challenge, on the verge of becoming a viral sensation, has already been picked up by a variety of influencers. Inspired by them and enthusiastic about receiving a shout-out from Hasan, an army of fans and admirers have also flocked over to YouTube Shorts to take part in the virtual event. Combining forces with Hasan Raheem was inevitable for Zong. Popular for his distinct singing and dancing style, the youthful artist truly embodies Zong’s tagline “Let’s Get Digital.” Our Correspondent