Pharmaceutical goods’ export increases 14.72% in 2 months


ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Hi-Tech Hybrid Rice Association (PHHSA) Shahzad Ali Malik on Thursday urged the government for taking immediate measures to provide interest free loans to all flood affected farmers for enabling them cultivate next crops timely to meet national food grains needs. Besides, he urged the government to fully ensure the availability of fertilizers, certified seeds and power at subsidized rates to ensure food safety and security in the country. Chairing a meeting of executive committee, Malik called upon the provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab to ensure fully availability of required water at least to save the existing standing crops of paddy as devastating floods put huge dent on standing crops over thousands of hectares. The recent flash floods in the country devastated about 80 percent rice crop in Sindh Province and 60 percent in South Punjab besides playing havoc with infrastructure. DNA
, he said adding that due to floods road network and bridges were also destroyed and completely wiping out economic activities in flood hit areas of the country in addition to record number of people displacement.
He said the highest inundation was recorded in rice crop zone of Sindh which caused loss of 1.8 million tons of rice or 80 percent loss of its expected production and same was sorry state of affairs in southern Punjab with 60 percent damage to rice crops.
He said whereas cotton and sugarcane zone of Sindh received lesser inundation during flooding. However,both zones received several exceptional high daily rainfalls which almost completely destroyed cotton crops at maturity.
According to preliminary estimates,all three commercial crops including vegetables and livestock in both provinces caused at least loss to the tune of US$3 billion.He said the deadly flash flood will lead to a higher import more food in the country where 43 percent of the population is already faced with food insecurity.
He said the repercussion of flood may include higher imports,compromise on export and rising inflation which will dent efforts to tackle the macro headwinds.
He proposed the government to ban use of all kinds of non certified seeds throughout the country and only hybrid seeds or certified seeds be used for bumper production which will also definitely increase their profitability as well.