18 corona patients under treatment in Peshawar’s hospitals


As many as 18 corona patients are being treated in two major Peshawar hospitals Khyber Teaching Hospital and Lady Reading Hospital, a health official told media men here on Saturday.
He said, 10 corona patients are under treatment in Khyber Teaching Hospitals while eight others are being treated in Lady Reading Hospital. The number of corona is declining with every day passing but overall all hospitals are ready to deal with any emergency situation.
He said 122 beds are allotted for corona patients in Khyber Teaching Hospital 10 patients infected with corona are being treated at Khyber Teaching Hospital. He said, at Khyber Teaching Hospital, 28 ventilators are reserved for corona patients.
He said, 3 patients of Corona in Khyber Teaching Hospital are on intensive care and on ventilators and four patients infected with Corona are undergoing treatment at HDU while 31 patients have been allotted low amounts of oxygen and 3 patients are undergoing treatment on them.
However, in the last 24 hours, 1 corona patient has been admitted and 112 beds allotted for Corona in Khyber Teaching Hospital are vacant. In Lady Reading Hospital, he said, the number of coronavirus patients in LRH has come down to eight.
He said the hospital has four hundred beds allotted for corona patients with 2 patients admitted in ICU and only 1 new patient has been admitted in the last 24 hours. He said vaccine booster dose is playing its role in preventing corona.