Home Entertainment Actress Saba Qamar Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Actress Saba Qamar Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Actress Saba Qamar Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Saba Qamar is a bold and multitalented Pakistani actress and model who has been a part of various superhit dramas and films till date. Saba Qamar was recently spotted in “Good Morning Pakistan”.
Saba Qamar while talking about her life partner, mentioned that “My first priority would be the person whom I’ll get married. I’ll look at the person and his nature before his income. If he’ll be a person with good nature, we can grow together. I don’t want a rich family with toxic people. It’s better to live a normal life with good people. Respect is the thing which matters a lot to me. A persons family also matters a lot as they are the one who brought him up.”
Saba while revealing about her marriage plans, added that “I’ll soon share a good news with my fans and followers. I’ll host a simple reception. I want a simple wedding with close friends and family members, I don’t need a large gathering at my wedding but I’ll surely invite the media houses at my wedding to make it viral.”