ADB’s inflation forecast should be a wake-up call for govt: Sherry Rehman


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Vice President and Senator Sherry Rehman has said that ADB’s inflation forecast should be a wake-up call for government. The catastrophic government continues to blame “global prices” for inflation.

Sherry Rehman in a tweet said, “Regional inflation figures tells a different story, government take notice and think everything is fine, Inflation in Pakistan has alarmingly raised to 11.5% while in India it is 4.48% and in Bangladesh it is 5.7%.”

She further said that the weekly inflation rate in Pakistan is more than 18%, which world is the government comparing itself with? A daily decline in the value of the rupee has become the norm which is leading to an increase in the economic downturn.

Sherry Rehman further said that due to the failed economic policies of the government, the dollar has now reached Rs 178.15. The rupee has depreciated by 20 rupees against the dollar in the current financial year alone. The economic sectors of Pakistan are on the brink of destruction, Rehman commented while talking on the current inflation situation of the country. =