Cadet College Spinkai honours its students securing distinctive marks


Cadet College Spinkai organized a colorful ceremony to commemorate the outstanding achievements in the field of education and honour students who achieved distinctive marks in the Board examination.
Assistant Commissioner Sarwakai Ejaz Akhtar, Cadets, parents of the cadets, college administration officials, local elders and journalists were attended the function.
Speaking on the occasion, Col. Muhammad Tariq Sohail, Principal, Cadets College, Spinkai, said that education plays a pivotal role in the development of any society and only those nations develop which use education as their weapon.
“The importance of education cannot be denied in the present age. Educated nations can achieve the goal of development and prosperity. We must all play our part together to highlight the importance of education,” he said.
He is using all his resources to make students useful citizens of the society and that is why today cadets graduating from Cadets College Spinkai were performing their duties in other institutions of the country including Pakistan Army and making the country and the nation proud.
He paid tribute to the cadets who got scholarships and said that they were pursuing their education with courage despite financial constraints. He said that the management of Cadets College Spinkai would never leave such students alone and it will create opportunities for them to continue their education without any hassle.