Celebrating excellence in filmmaking: Honoring the best talent from Sweden and beyond


The Sweden Film Awards is one of the most prestigious film awards in Sweden, honoring the top talent in Swedish filmmaking. The awards are open to submissions from all over the globe and offer recognition in various categories. In the last 20 months, more than 400 filmmakers have been awarded in different categories, making it an important platform for filmmakers to showcase their work.
Among the films that have been recognized in the Sweden Film Awards are “Red Dot,” a thriller film directed by Alain Darborg that won Best Swedish Film at the 2021 Guldbagge Awards, and “Charter,” a drama film directed by Amanda Kernell that won Best Film at the 2020 Stockholm International Film Festival.
Winning a Sweden Film Award can provide valuable recognition and exposure for Swedish filmmakers, while also raising awareness of Swedish cinema and encouraging more people to watch and appreciate it. The awards are an important part of Sweden’s cultural landscape and contribute to the country’s rich artistic and cinematic heritage.
The Sweden Film Awards is judged by qualified professionals and experts in the fields of filmmaking, including award-winning independent documentary filmmaker Jean Noël Rey and independent documentary filmmaker and photographer Ia Greiff. Documentary filmmaker and screenwriter Jamshed Ahmed Khan and independent event manager and project leader Hassan Muhammad are also part of the jury.
Monthly winning films in the main categories will be publicly screened and compete during the annual film festival of Sweden Film Awards. All monthly winning films will be published on their website with the permission of the submitter, and the annual winners will receive Official Laurels, a winning Certificate (digital format), and their names listed on their website and all their social networks.
Overall, the Sweden Film Awards is an important event in the Swedish film industry, promoting and encouraging the country’s talented filmmakers and their outstanding achievements in directing, acting, writing, cinematography, editing, sound, and other categories. Its international reach also makes it a significant platform for filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their work and compete on a global scale.