Constitution of a joint board is imperative to overcome the present crisis: Faiq


Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman, Muhammad Faiq Shah has once again made demand for constitution of a joint Board of Wisdom and Honesty [BWH] that would be constituted on all institutions in order to overcome the prevailing economic, social and political crisis.
Otherwise, he warned that economic destruction, heavy taxation, commotion as result of inflation storm, anarchy and political division, would be further intensified if the idea of formation of a joint board could be underestimated.
Faiq was addressing leaders and workers convention belonging from Charsadda, Mardan and Peshawar on Saturday. The convention was also addressed by Dr Jamil Sadozai, Sajjad Ahmad, Wali Shah and others.
The 15-parties alliance, which has jointly formed a coalition government, has failed to run state affairs smoothly, the ATP chief observed.
He added the government that had come into power with support of ‘Lottacracy’ [Switching of Loyalties], how it could come up with wishes and expectations of the general masses.
There is no more legal and constitutional justification to retain the present ruling alliance, Shah asserted.
The party leader noted the life of people in all federating units has been made miserable owing to the spiraling price-hike, mushroom growth of taxes, and fear of debts and snatched the right to live from them.
Faiq said his party in a greater national interest demanded that to constitute a joint board, wherein the representation of government, opposition, judiciary, military, businessmen, small traders, social and religious leaders, media, think tanks and others relevant institutions to be ensured.
He expressed hope that the proposed BWH like initiative would enable policy, accountability, justice and progress under a single platform.
Besides, he added, the challenges/pressures that have been confronted by the country on internal and external fronts as well as economic and social issues to be dealt with in an affluent manner.
When all segments of the society could participate then it would be eased to bring economic, political stability and progress, he hoped.
He noticed the tension, confrontation and tug of war has brought destruction everywhere. The claimants of experience have remained unsuccessful, he observed.
Faiq said the solution is only laying in public authority and justice, for which formulation of a joint board and concrete policies are inevitable. He reminded that his party has already presented a sketch of complete authority and is ready to assist and cooperate with all institutions.
He made it clear that the situation would get further fragile in case of any further delay.
He urged the powerful and authorized institutions to play their proactive role in pulling out the country from the present conflict situation. Otherwise, he said no one will gain anything.