Contacts between government , PTI stand restored again


The contacts between the government and PTI have once again been restored amid the reports that under the directives of Imran Khan president Arif Alvi has held another meeting with finance minister Ishaq Dar.

The two have exchanged views on the overall political and economic situation of the country in the meeting.
According to government sources Finance minister has sought support from the president on government economic policies and IMF program.
President Arif Alvi has held out assurance of full cooperation to finance minister on this count.

Ishaq Dar gave the proposal that PTI should return to parliament.

On the other hand Imran Khan is demanding date for snap elections persistently.

Sources told Online back door contacts have been restored between PTI and government on the matter of snap elections. President Arif Alvi and finance minister Ishaq Dar are engaged in back door contacts.
President Arif Alvi has met finance minister Ishaq Dar. This meeting has taken place without any third party. The two leaders talked about economic situation of the country, snap elections and proposals on PTI return to parliament.

Sources disclosed that during the meeting president Arif Alvi was of the view he had given the proposal to the PTI in connection with return to parliament that PTI will have to return to parliament for the establishment of care taker setup and electoral reforms. However Imran Khan has not given any reply to these proposals so far.

Sources indicated that former PM Imran Khan is stressing president Arif Alvi to obtain date for general election from the government so that there could be face saving for PTI.

Sources further told Online that Finance minister has contacted PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and informed him in details about his three meetings and contacts with president Arif Alvi.

Nawaz Sharif has however directed Ishaq Dar to give reply after taking all the allied parties on board regarding his meetings with President Arif Alvi and consultations.