Development of NMAs top priority,says minister for tribal affairs


Caretaker minister for Industry and Commerce, Tribal Affairs, and Technical Education, Syed Aamir Abdullah, has affirmed the government’s commitment to utilizing all available resources for the development of merged districts.
He expressed the goal of bringing these regions to the same level of development as other districts within the province.
Syed Amir Abdullah highlighted that the caretaker provincial government, led by Chief Minister Muhammad Azam Khan, is diligently pursuing federal funding for the merged districts.
He expressed optimism about the prospects of receiving positive news in this regard.
These statements were made by the Provincial Minister during his address to the District Jirga in Kalaya, Orakzai district, where he also received a briefing from the Deputy Commissioner on the district’s development and law and order.
Minister Abdullah commended the district government’s efforts to enhance the welfare of the local population and stressed the importance of providing maximum facilities in alignment with the government’s vision for the merged districts.
During the visit, the provincial minister assured Orakzai district leaders of his intent to facilitate proper training for local residents, with a focus on developing and enhancing the cottage industry.
The caretaker minister also pledged personal attention to the concerns raised by local leaders, promising timely resolutions.
Furthermore, Syed Amir Abdullah met with delegations of youth and individuals with special needs from Orakzai district, reaffirming the government’s dedication to empowering these groups for their participation in national development initiatives.