Quarantine doctor blames for corruption at Torkham border


Doctor in quarantine center, Torkham victimized honey bees owners and asked for illicit money to clear honey bees at the border and demanded of the concerned officials for legal action against him.
It is to be mentioned here that the honey producers shift the honey bees’ boxes to Pakistan and Afghanistan as per need of season.
Addressing a press conference held in Landi Kotal press club on Saturday Waheedullah Shinwari, a clear agent in Torkham said that the quarantine Dr Illayas teased the honey owners for one reason or the other.
He blamed some clearing agents who paid him thirty thousand rupees per vehicle to clear the import of honey bees from Afghanistan.
He went on that almost 150 vehicles of honey bees involved in the honey producing business but unserious attitude of the doctor affected them.
The matter had been already resolved with the Director of Agriculture Department by producing legal documentation of the honey bees but to in avail, he opined.
He demanded of the concerned authorities that besides paying custom duty and other clearing documents; however the quarantine doctor refused to let import of the honey bees.
When Dr Illayas, quarantine center, Torkham was asked for his comments on the issue he firmly rejected the allegation leveled against him and never discouraged honey trade.
He maintained that he let honey bees loaded trucks to cross into the border that had legal documents.