Economic development lies in adoption of scientific practices for agriculture: NA


Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday said that the future of Pakistan’s food security and economic development lies in the adoption of modern, sustainable, and scientific agricultural practices.
“Developing practical solutions and initiatives to improve the agricultural sector and ensuring the welfare of farmers is crucial for the country’s sustained progress,” he made these remarks in a meeting with President Kissan Ittehad Council, Khalid Mehmood Khokhar.
Speaker Ashraf emphasized that the current administration’s key priorities include alleviating farmers’ problems and advancing agriculture. He said, “Farmers are given subsidies for agricultural inputs, but further initiatives are necessary to address the problems that farmers confront as a result of high input costs and significant climate change.”
The speaker emphasized the critical necessity for the introduction of farmer-friendly policies, and how they would considerably strengthen the country’s agriculture sector, which is a cornerstone of its entire development.
The speaker acknowledged the importance of historical decisions in uplifting critical crops such as cotton and highlighted the Special Committee on Agricultural Products of the NA diligent efforts in understanding the problems faced by farmers and growers.
During the meeting, Raja Pervez Ashraf assured his commitment to addressing farmers’ concerns at all relevant forums. “Arranging a meeting between farmers and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to resolving the issues affecting the agricultural community,” he hinted.
The speaker urged to devise a comprehensive plan for the improvement of the agriculture sector, given Pakistan’s status as an agricultural country forced to import food items, including wheat and sugar. “This dependence on imports has significantly impacted agricultural production and necessitates immediate action to enhance productivity within the country.”
Pervez Ashraf hailed the dedicated and tireless efforts of farmers, acknowledging them as a hardworking nation responsible for providing the fundamental necessity of food to the entire population.
The meeting concluded with a strong commitment from Raja Pervez Ashraf to prioritize the concerns of farmers and agriculture in the upcoming annual budget. He emphasized the need for a special focus on agriculture, ensuring adequate allocation of resources to support farmers and foster the growth of the sector.
The speaker stressed the significance of investing in agricultural education, research, and development, as well as infrastructure improvement and financial assistance for farmers.