NCHD chairperson calls for reinforcing drive on zero out-of-school-children in ICT


“Education is the basic right of all individuals as reflected in Article 25-A of the constitution and access to education to all children and adults in urban and rural areas is the main focus of government.
This was observed by chairperson National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali Kharal while presiding over a meeting at the NCHD.
Dr. Kharal received a detailed presentation on the functions and working of the NCHD and significant role being played by the NCHD in the ongoing Zero Out-of-School Children (OOSC) in ICT campaign.
Education is the only guarantee of a civilized society, economic growth, political safety and improvement of all human indicators, she said adding it empowers individuals to attain healthy, prosperous and peaceful life, sai she adding hence, human indicators are all linked with education and we need to introduce education as an element for improving human indicators.
Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali Kharal, esteemed Chairperson of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), after her appointment paid a visit to the NCHD Head Office today to gain comprehensive insights into the functions and operations of the organization.
DG NCHD Syed Junaid Akhlaq gave a presentation to worthy chairperson, highlighting the efforts and initiatives undertaken by the NCHD to mitigate the number of children lacking access to quality education in ICT. NCHD is involved not only in the designing, planning and implementation of the Basic Literacy Programs but has vast experience of piloting need based special initiatives in the country with the collaboration of International donors.
Expressing her appreciation for the relentless efforts of the NCHD, Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali Kharal commended the organization’s dedication towards ensuring inclusive and equitable education. Dr Kharral directed NCHD to work out three top priority areas related to Human Development and that the same shall be made part of NCHD future plan for 5 years. These priority areas shall be determined after thorough consultation with all Federation units so that a uniform strategy is adopted. She also directed to workout proposals to introduce exclusive interventions for making model districts in all provinces in the areas related HUMAN Development.
The NCHD remains resolute in its commitment to the Zero OOSC in ICT campaign, aiming to provide quality education to every child, regardless of their socioeconomic background. By implementing sustainable solutions and collaborating with stakeholders, the NCHD strives to eliminate the barriers that hinder access to education, thereby fostering a brighter future for the youth of Pakistan.