Faiq urges government to take pragmatic steps to overcome the energy, gas crisis


Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has demanded the government to take pragmatic steps to overcome with prevailing energy crisis in country.
He also called for imposition of emergency for assistance of the farming community while keeping in view their hardships in wake of the diesel crisis.
Talking to a group of reporters here on Sunday, Faiq observed the farming community has faced difficulties owing to the impending diesel crisis in the country.
He added the supply of wheat and protection has been made difficult.
Shah noted small farmers, labour and working class are currently faced with severe hardships under the prevailing scenario, saying the federal and provincial governments are completely dissociating about their problems.
Faiq went on to say that political war has rapidly erased the economy, society and state but didn’t fill up the stomach of the power.
The ATP chairman said the new government came into power with few claims and promises, which has unmoved till now as prices of essential food commodities or living of poor people, all of them have been made difficult.
A major political alliance is unaware about the increasing issues of the country, he noted. He maintained there was no authority with people.
Shah demanded the government to impose emergency assistance to the farming community while keeping in view their hardships in the wake of the diesel crisis.
The party leader said effective measures should be taken to overcome the energy crisis and prevent further deteriorating situations.
Faiq said his party is the voice of farmers of the all federating units, vowing that they will continue assessment and accountability of present rulers under their ongoing movement till resolution of the issues.