Family awaits justice on first death anniversary of female education officer’s murder


As the first anniversary of female education officer Rizwana Shaheen’s tragic murder approaches, her family still awaiting for justice, hoping to stop crimes and protect women’s lives in a male-dominated society.
Talking to this correspondent family members incnuding her sister Nadia Khan and her other sisters said that Rizwana was a dedicated education officer who was brutally murdered in Landikotal on June 17, 2023. She said they were still in shock and could not bear the loss of the brave sister who fought a war against ignorance.
She added that Rizwana had dedicted her life for girls education and worked in hard stationeds of Waziristan and Khyber districts.
Assistant District Education Officer(ADEO) Rizwana Shaheen, known for her unwavering commitment to promoting girls’ education in the remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was found dead in her official residence on June 17, 2023 in Landikotal. She was found with multiple stab wounds on her body.
The horror of that day led to the swift arrest of her husband, Najibullah S/O Khanullah, and his accomplices, who now face charges under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code.
Nadia said that a two-member committee comprising of Deputy Public Prosecutor Zulfiqar Ali and Assistant Public Prosecutor Zubair Qureshi was formed to investigate the murder. She said the committee collected evidences including the knife used in the murder and mobile phone data records. She said in the last one year statements were recorded of all sides but still they were waiting for justice.
Nadia Khan,who is also a civil servant, said that Najibullah, the main accused, confessed during the initial investigation and was arrested from his residence in Kotka Muhammad Khan in Tehsil Domail of District Bannu. She said the case was currently undergoing in a court of trial with the prosecution presenting evidence and witnesses.
Nadia said the minor children had witnessed the horrific murder of their mother were still in shock and abnormal. She said the legal custody and guardianship of Rizwana’s children have been granted to her maternal side, ensuring their well-being and protection.
Rizwana’s family reiterated their demand for justice that the honorable court of justce award death sentence to the murderer without wasting more time on a open amd shut case. They said that despite the investigation committee’s efforts and the police investigation, the family still awaiting a conviction to conclude the case. Her family remained resolute in their pursuit of accountability for Rizwana’s brutal murder. They demand answers, accountability and closure of the cold bloded murder that end the life of an educator and mother.
Nadia said they seek reassurance that no one was above the law and that the perpetrators of the heinous crime would face the full force of justice.
Khyber district Education office also applauded the Rizwana’s contribution for girls education. They said Rizwana memory stands as a powerful testament to the struggles faced by women in the Pashtun society.
Assistant district education officer Khyber district Wajid Ali Khan said that they lost a brave and dedicated colleague ansld a female education officer. He highlighted the vulnerability they endure and the remarkable strength they exhibit in the face of adversity. He said as the trial continued, her family, colleagues and friends remained in a state of anguish and desperately awaiting a verdict that would finally deliver the justice they seek.
Wajid Khan said Justice must not be denied in this case and the conviction of the perpetrators should serve as a powerful symbol of justice and deterrence.
He said murderer of such heinous acts had to meet their fate.