Gen election will be held on October 08 all over the country: Rana Sana Ullah


Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah has said general election will be held on October 8 in all over the country, government will stay no more after August 12 and 16 and interim governenmt will come on August 16.

” interim government will come on August 16, he said.Caretaker governmnet will hold election.

He went on to say the political temperature should be lowered. people should resort to consultations to resovle the issues.

Country stands on line of anarchy and chaos at present and this is outcome of the efforts made by Imran Khan. He endeavored hard to plunge country into chaos.

He underlined a greater dialogue is needed to address the problems. This mattewr will not be resovled by giving one statement. Only diaglue is better way. But correct strategy be made for this prupose.

He observed terroism has not and will not go out of control. Terrorism is still there. We are taking action agasinst the terrorists. Our army and ministry is working to weed out them. terrorism will be eliminated from the country.

He said one group is trying to eliminate its rivals since 10 years..This man is either in or out of government is not ready to shake hands with his opponents, he added.

if date for election is given and we go to election then what we have to discuss by sitting together.

Whatever decison is given by supreme court we will respect it, he remarked.