Inflation in Peshawar is not getting under control


PESHAWAR: A one-time increase in the price of live chicken, including vegetables, fruits as inflation in Peshawar is not getting under control, a visit to the vegetable and fruits markets revealed on Friday. Ginger has increase to all time high and selling on Rs. 700 per kg while Tomato Rs 50, Onion Rs 70, Lemon Rs 320, and Garlic Rs 360, Aloo 90, kachalu 210, green chillies 100, peas 160, okra 180 including beans sold for 140 rupees. Fruits are also out of the purchasing power of the poor people, apple 390, mango 220, cherry 400, grape 430 rupees and pomegranate Rs 430, peach Rs 230 while banana Rs 270 per dozen. APP
The price of live chicken also started talking to the sky. The price of live chicken in the market will reach 425 per kg.