Javeria Saud On Judgment For Being Religious


Javeria and Saud are very religious and they try to inculcate the love of Islam in ther kids also. Saud comes from a very religious family.
His father was a very famous Qari/reciter while his sister also is a decorated Qariah. Saud himself is a Hafiz and Javeria also comes from a family who observe Aitekaf and do a lot of charity.
So, the couple has tried to take all those values ahead and they are also teaching Jannat and Ibrahim to do the same. BUt as a showbiz personality, people do judge them for being religious.
Javeria was a guest on Fuchsia where she revealed that she does get judged a lot during religious tasks as she is an actress.
People assume that she would not be religious. She narrated that a woman came to meet her during Hajj and asked her if you are an actress, what are you doing here? Javetia was vey witty and gave a witty reply.
She also talked about actors getting criticism on doing Ramadan transmissions. She said that if you are blessed to have an opportunity to spread goodness in the world, you should not be judged over it.