Kamal demands inquiry through judicial commission in Mohammad Zada murder case


Amn Jirga Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Chairman Syed Kamal Shah on Tuesday said that the murder of Mohammad Zada at Sakhakot was great conspiracy and demanded inquiry through judicial commission under the supervision of high court judge and also demanded military operation in Sakhakot against the criminal gang.
He expressed these views while addressing a news conference at Mardan press club. Other office bearers and members of Amn Jirga, Jalal Khan brother of deceased Mohammad Zada and Shad Mohammad uncle of deceased were also present at this occasion. Syed Kamal Shah alleged that the Saed Nawab gang has been active in Sakhakot for the last 40 years.
He added that this gang was involved in kidnapping and non custom paid vehicles incidents. He added that later on a military operation was conducted in the area and after military operation this gang became inactive.
He added that however later on this gang again became active with the convenience of local administration, influential people and elected members and started smuggling of Ice and other narcotics. Syed kamal Shah claimed that this gang allegedly supplies Ice and other narcotics to other parts of the province and country.
He added that Mohammad Zada has started criticizing the local administration, elected members and members of the gang in open forums held by district administration and on social media. He alleged that later the members of the mentioned gang with the convenience of Sakhakot police station incharge Wahab Khan and CTD incharge had planed the assassination of Mohammad Zada.
He added that on 8th November in the evening they allegedly killed Mohammad Zada. Syed Kamal Shah added that the two accused arrested aren’t actual accused. He added that through this way the administration is protecting the actual accused. He alleged that the actual accused is Mohammad Shah, Arhsid and other members of the gang.
He added that some local army officer is also allegedly protecting the actual killers and the Army chief should take action in this connection.
He added that a PTI member of provincial assembly of Sakhakot Pir Musawar Khan, and MPA Fazal-e-Ilayi and others had signed an agreement during the protest after the killing of Mohammad Zada. However they did not follow the agreement. He added that all political parties have backed down from this murder case however Amn Jirga will continue its struggle and Jehad. He added that on 10th December Amn Jirga will arrange a protest at Nowshera and on 15th it will arrange a protest at Mardan.
He added that if our demands weren’t met then Amn Jirga will arrange protest outside parliament house and supreme court and if our demands are still not met then they will stage protest outside GHQ at Rawalphindi and at the last according to the Pakhtuns tradition they will fight against this gang and state will be responsible.
He appealed to chief justice of Supreme Court and chief justice of Peshawar High Court to take notice of Mohammad Zada murder case. Addressing to the news conference Shad Mohammad and Jalal Khan uncle and brother of the deceased said that criminal gang members are threatening them and also those people who are supporting this murder case. They accused that some people are allegedly using money to mishandling this murder case but there is also the court of Allah Almighty.