KP governor honors president awards to provincial legend


Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman honored eight provincial legends, with presidential award.
Distinguish ceremony was held in governor house Peshawar on Wednesday, “Pakistan Day”.
Governor Shah Farman conferred Presidential Award to Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah and Lal Muhammad Awan for their outstanding services in the field of art, acting and Drama.
Shaukat Mahmood and Qamaro Jan received the presidential awards for outstanding services for field of Art, music and singing, while Ijaz Sarhadi for Art and composition.
Governor also honored Prof. Usman Hassan for education and Shahzada Sikandar-ul-mulk for Polo and sports.
He also conferred award to Tahir Afridi (late) to acknowledges his services in the field of literature. His nephew Muhammad Umer Khan received the award.
Congratulating the legends for their awards, while addressing the ceremony he said that adoption of the resolution on 23 March, 1940 and decision of separate state proved to be right.
“We are proud of our forefathers through whose efforts, we are living in free and independent Islamic state” he added
He said that Pakistan, only Muslim nuclear country has a very important and strong position on the world map today.
Moreover he said, OIC conference on Pakistan Day has proved Pakistan’s growing importance and prestige.