Lawyers stage protest against unbridled inflation and unemployment


Court proceedings remained suspended in district Thatta and Sujawal on Monday as the legal fraternity took out a rally and staged a protest against increasing inflation and unemployment across the province.
The lawyers chanted slogans on top of their voices and censured the anti-poor policies of the federal government.
Led by the secretary-general of District Bar Council Thatta Advocate Akhter Ali Jamari and Joint secretary Sadam Hussain Abbasi the lawyers marched across the district and session court Thatta and expressed their reservations over the economical crisis being confronted by the country.
Coming hard on the federal government, a senior member of the district bar association Shabbir Kumbhar said that back-breaking inflation in the country was due to the un-wise and defective policies of the federal government. He further said that increasing prices of petroleum and other basic commodities had left this poor nation helpless and hopeless.
Advocate Aftab Memon said that the unbridled inflation had deprived the people of this country of their right to life, making the state of affairs tough for a poor person. “ People are worried about the next meal and can’t even afford it just because of the inflation that has now turned into a calamity for the whole nation”; he said.
Senior lawyer Aijaz Jumani urged the federal government to review its policies that had proved alarming for the subjugated class of the country.
The boycott of court proceedings was observed in Gharo, Mirpurbathoro, and Sujawal as well where lawyers took out rallies against inflation.