M Riaz re-elected PPC president, Shahzada Fahad GS


PESHAWAR: M Riaz, a senior journalist, was re-elected president of the Peshawar Press Club (PPC) in the annual election. He secured a record 317 votes to retain the seat whereas his rival, Fida Adeel, received 156 votes in the annual election. Rizwan Sheikh was elected vice-president by securing 257 votes he defeated Ehesham Bashir who bagged 210 votes in the annual election of PPC. In the cabinet, Shahzada Fahad was elected general secretary by bagging 275 votes as his rival Aneela Shaheen received 196 votes. Yasir Hussain was declared finance secretary by bagging 258 votes while his rival Aziz Buneri received 213 votes. Gul Rehman Haqqani was elected joint secretary after receiving 242 votes as rival Billal Ahmad received 227 votes. DLP Report